I intend to redevelop a property. Which authorisations and certificates do I need?

In relation to urban transformation, if the investor intends to amend the intended use of a property into one which is allowed by the planning regulation, he needs to submit a Certified Notification of Commencement of the Activity (SCIA).

If the investor intends to amend the intended use of a property into one which is not allowed by the current adopted planning regulation in the area, he can submit a request of “Amendment of the Urban Planning Regulation”, requiring the intervention of the competent Authority.

In relation to building transformation, the investor shall obtain a building permit or an agreed building permit.

Therefore, the private investor must submit the documentation required to obtain a building permit or an agreed building permit to the competent administrative authority (that is the Municipality in which the property is located). As the private investor must prepare all the necessary documentation to obtain the permit, the assistance of professional experts is recommended.

In case of properties having cultural, historical or artistic interest pursuant to D.L. no. 42 of 22/01/2004, any construction work must be authorised by the competent Superintendency.

In order to realise adjustments and improvements on the properties, the appropriate building authorization shall be obtained from the competent authority (SCIA, CILA, building permit) unless the works can be qualified as “free building”, i.e. no further authorisations are required.

In case of construction of new buildings, reconstructions or elevations, both total or partial, or any work on existing properties that might affect existing safety, sanitation and energy efficiency conversion standards, a certified notification has to be submitted in order to obtain the certification of fitness for use. The recent regulation introduced by Art. 2, D.L. no. 222 of 25/11/2016, which reformed D.P.R. no. 380 of 06/06/2001, requires the submission of a certified notification of fitness of use to the one-stop desk of the Municipality where the property is located. The property can be used starting from the date of submission of the certified notification.

Activities subject to fire prevention regulations are divided into three categories (A, B and C), according to D.P.R. no 151 of 2011, depending on the size of the undertaking, on the activity sector, on the existence of specific technical rules and on the need to safeguard the public safety.

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