I am interested in running a business in a public asset. Which authorisation do I need?

Authorisations for starting up commercial activities

Assets redeveloped as commercial establishments require a commercial authorisation. In order to obtain such authorisation, the investor must meet specific personal and legal requirements (no convictions for certain types of crime regarded as burdensome by the legislator) and, only if the provision of food and beverages is envisaged, also specific professional requirements (e.g. attending and completing a professional course for the administration, preparation and handling of food and beverages).

Authorisations for starting up Hospitality Activities

All facilities open to the public providing accommodation, general centralised services and eventually board and ancillary services must be considered hotels. With the entry into force of Law no. 122 of 30/07/2010, which modified Art. 19 of Law no. 241 of 07/08/1990, in order to launch, transfer and modify the practice of tourist accommodations, a Certified Notification of Commencement of the Activity (SCIA) must be submitted to the competed Municipality. The hospitality activity shall start operating from the date on which the SCIA has been submitted to the Municipality.

Within 30 days from the beginning of the activity, the investor must complete his registration in the Business and Trade Registry of the CCIA (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft Trades and Agriculture), obtain an Italian VAT identification number, register to the INPS (National Institute of Social Security) and eventually to the INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Works) only in the presence of employees. All these procedures can be finalised through a notification to the Authority in charge.

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