Where can I find information on a public asset?

Information concerning assets available for disposal or redevelopment can be found in the Real Estate Sale and Development Plan, approved by Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and other local authorities, companies or bodies controlled by the aforementioned authorities pursuant to Art. 58, Law no. 133 of 04/08/2008. When not published on the websites of the owners, the information can be accessed with a specific request.

More details can be found with the person in charge of the real estate sale and development procedure (i.e. the person appointed by the public owner as reference for the sale procedure; his/her name shall be specified in the call for tenders), if appointed, or with the Mayor of the Municipality, in absence of formal procedures. On request, the owner has to provide any document related to the real estate asset and allow on-site verification. During the verification, the owner shall provide all useful documentation regarding the asset in order to verify urban, building and Land Registry conformity and confirm the absence of burdens, constrains and encumbrances that would limit its use.


Ultima modifica: March 8, 2018