Is it possible to propose Public-Private Partnership initiatives ?

Yes, it is possible to propose public-private partnership initiatives in order to allow investors/developers to contribute not only financial resources but also skills and market vision. In this framework, the investor can propose Project Financing schemes, pursuant to Art. 183, par. 15, D.L. no. 50 of 18/04/2016, or request a redevelopment long lease, notwithstanding the already underlined need to seek balance between duration of the lease and amount of the investments. Structuring the price in two components is advised: the first one representing the minimum guaranteed basic price and the second one variating according to the result of the economic operation. In this case, information concerning assets available for disposal or redevelopment can be found in the Real Estate Sale and Development Plan, approved by Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and other local authorities, companies or bodies controlled by the aforementioned authorities pursuant to Art. 58, Law no. 133 of 04/08/2008. When not published on the websites of the entities, the information can be accessed with a specific request.

Ultima modifica: March 8, 2018