Adjustments and Improvements


In order to carry out adjustments and improvements on the properties (such as renovation works), a building authorisation is needed, with the exception of some minor works considered as “free”. According to the current legislation, there are different kinds of authorization (CILA, Building SCIA, building permit), depending on the extent and relevance of the works and they can be obtained by submitting a specific request to the so-called SUE – Sportello Unico Edilizio (Building Single Point Contact) in the Municipality where the asset is located. The request has to be submitted by the investor/owner and it is made of a set of documents, including the project of the intervention and a written statement, both signed by a technician who certifies the compliance of the project with building and urban planning regulations.

Any kind of works on cultural properties is made conditional upon a prior authorisation in accordance with Art. 21 and 22, D.L. no 42 of 2004 as amended or added. This authorisation is issued by the competent authority (Superintendence) by submitting a project or, if sufficient, a technical description of the works, both submitted by the applicant and signed by a technician, and may include provisions. If the works do not begin within five years from the granting of the authorisation, the Superintendent may set out provisions or integrate or modify the current ones in case of changing of the conservation techniques. In case of works on properties or areas having landscape interest and being protected by law, the authorisation process is regulated by Art. 146, D.L. no. 42 of 2005 as amended or added. The landscape authorisation, as well as the cultural one, is an autonomous permit and, with some exception, it must be obtained before any building permit or any other permit allowing works on the building. It is effective for a period of five years and, once expired, any further building project must be newly authorised.

Adjustment and improvements can be realised also under contracts entailing the transfer/lease of surface/sale/concession rights, thus spreading the risks between contractual parties.

For further details, please see the following table.


Times are shown in the aforementioned table and depend on the type of project to be carried out and, consequently, on the type of authorisation requested.


The private investor bears all costs related to the submission of any documentation needed for requesting the building authorisation (building permit, agreed building permit or SCIA) including any secretariat costs. Being minor works, no construction fees are due.

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