Procedures for the Sale of Public Assets

The procedure for the sale of public assets, regulated by Law no. 127 of 1997, D.L. no. 282 of 24/12/2002 and D.L. no. 203 of 30/09/2005, consists in all the phases required for the transfer of an asset owned by a State Administration, a Local Authority or a Public-Law Body.

In brief, the procedure consists of the following phases:

  • Listing of the asset in the Real Estate Sale and Development Plan of the owning entity;
  • Approval of the Plan. The resolution of the Plan’s approval determines the destination of use of the assets on sale, even in the case of town-planning amendment;
  • Initiation of the asset’s sale procedure via publication of a notice/call on the institutional website of the body that owns the asset, where the main rules of the procedures are laid out.

Ultima modifica: January 26, 2018