Building Permit

The building permit is a building authorisation which must be obtained for:

  1. new constructions;
  2. city plan renovations;
  3. building renovations leading to a building partially or completely different from the previous one and involving changes in the volume of the building itself, in the internal height or number of floors, or that, concerning only assets included in homogeneous zones A, lead to changes in the use of the buildings, as well as any other work that leads to the change of the shape of assets subject to limitations pursuant D.L. no. 42 of 22/01/2004 as amended.

The procedure needed in order to obtain a building permit, is explained by Art. 12, D.P.R. no. 380 of 06/06/2001: “the building permit shall be issued pursuant to the provisions set forth by planning regulations, building regulations and the current building/planning provisions. The building permit is in any case subject to the existence of basic urban infrastructures, to the prevision of the Municipality to build said infrastructures within three years or to the commitment of all the parties involved in the implementation of the aforementioned infrastructures at the same time of the project for which the permit shall be issued“.

Ultima modifica: March 12, 2018