Treviso: Former INAIL Offices (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work)

Redevelopment Long Lease


i3-INAIL, fund established by Invimit.

Private Investor that Acquired/Leased the Asset

The complex situated in Via D’Annunzio and composed of six floors, 2,400 sq.m and a garage of 25,000 sq.m., was leased to the international hotel chain B&B Italia (with 22 hotels active on national territory), which shall realise a hotel of about 80 rooms in approximately 2 years.


Treviso’s historical centre, between Via D’Annunzio and Via Cesare Battisti.

Original Destination of Use

Former INAIL Offices.

Acquisition/Lease Procedure

Redevelopment long lease contract (signed in 2017) for tourist accommodation’s destination of use.

Timing Required

The realisation of a hotel facility of about 80 rooms requires approximately 24 months.


Investment of about €3 million for the renovation of the building.

Ultima modifica: February 15, 2018